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After Your Surgery 

Since North Metro Anesthesia opened, our patients have depended on us to provide industry leading care.  Here you can learn more about what to expect for your postoperative care.


  • After  surgery you will be sent to the PACU (or recovery room) to wake up from anesthesia

  • The PACU is a critical care unit where nurses will closely monitor your vital signs and pain level

  • You may have an oxygen mask or nose prongs to help you breathe

  • Your surgical site will be examined

  • Length of stay in the PACU is about 1-3 hours, depending on your needs

  • Most patients remember very little about their experience in the recovery room

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Anesthesia takes about a day to completely leave your body, so for the next 24 hours after surgery:

  • DO NOT drive

  • DO NOT operate heavy machinery

  • DO NOT drink alcoholic beverages

  • DO NOT take sleeping pills or other medications that cause drowsiness

  • DO NOT make any important decisions or sign contracts

  • Get plenty of rest

  • Have someone at home with you

  • Return to your normal diet SLOWLY  (start with liquids and soft foods)


Call your Surgical Clinic if you have any questions or are experiencing the following:

  • Cannot eat or drink

  • Continuous nausea and vomiting

  • Cannot urinate

  • Develop a new rash

  • Have a temperature above 100.5℉

  • Severe Pain

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